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The BAGO OPT company is selling the machine-made carpets, rugs, tracks on the rubber basis, plumbing for bathrooms and other household products. Company sells products wholesale and small wholesale from the warehouse in Kiev.
The products  proposed by the company are constantly being updated and expanded. The goals of the company is the increasing of the sales and sale market of the products we offer, building lasting relationships with customers by expanding the range, a solid and professional customer support at every stage of cooperation, and create a reliable image of the firm.
The BAGO OPT company is very attentive to the customers' needs and their opinion is the main factor, by which the company is guided in making changes and improvements in company policy. Our employees regularly conduct surveys among the customers in order to explore their views on the products supplied. This assessment enables the company to better understand the needs and expectations of customers.
Being a stable and dynamic company, BAGO OPT is a reliable and trustworthy business partner.


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Bago OPT
(main office)

08162, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kyiv, Nauki Str., 5а
  • +38 (044) 229-47-XX

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